iPhone Apps for New Fathers

Posted by Matt

15th November 2009

It was kind of inevitable, the first time my daughter tried to grab my iPhone and ingest it. Fortunately it was only some minor droolage that occurred, but it got me wondering what there was in the way of mobile baby entertainment for Apple's mobile device. After all, what's that new smear resistant screen on the iPhone 3GS for if not exposure to small children? (Assisted of course).

The App store is full of educational and/or playful applications for kids. Like all apps they seem to vary in quality. A good example of this are the various "Flash Card" apps, where you can teach your child words and pictures. Some are hastily put together options with stock photos and bad typography and expect you to pay for it. Others like Dream Cortex's Baby Flash cards (iTunes link) have nicely designed imagery and are free. It's got nice bright colours and a baby can tap the screen to see the next card. Dream Cortex also do a fun app called Baby Piano Lite , which allows you to play tunes and animal noises on a brightly coloured piano, great for my Daughter who loves her bright plastic DJ Puppy Dog piano. The keys aren't huge though, so it can result in quite a cacophony...

Other than that. Well there's a 101 apps for naming your baby. A fair few to record feeds and nappy changes that suffer from interface overload. Some apps that claim to act as baby monitors and tweet you if they hear anything(!) Nothing else that stands out after a trawl.

Any I missed?

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