Soothing Songs for Babies (You know more than you think)

Posted by Matt

20th March 2009

I don't know many lullabies.

Until a few weeks ago this wasn't a problem. However suddenly I  need soothing songs at 4am for a new baby that's griping. Turns out, this is less of a problem than I first thought. Babies aren't picky, so any song, sung at a reasonably slow speed, with a certain depth of voice and a soothing intent seems to do the trick.

Currently - my random gibberings jazz-fusion improvisation aside - I'm finding that 80s TV themes and early 80s/90s alternative rock seem to work really well. The theme from The Littlest Hobo, Lovecats by the Cure and Hope Street by the Levellers are the current favourites.

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