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Entertaining your Baby with iTunes Visualiser

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

The little one is just starting to get interested in things properly. She’s found her hands and discovered that items can be grabbed and put in her mouth. She watches people as they move about the room and burbles happily at them. She’s taken a real interest in songs and clapping, thanks to a trip to the local Rhythm Time group.

She still has moments of being over tired, not quite ready to sleep, easily bored, grouchy and needing distraction. Since she likes high contrast, bright colours and music I experimented with sitting her on my knee watching iTunes visualiser on the laptop.

She’s quite hypnotised by it. In fact it seems pretty good at calming her and getting her to a position of being lulled to sleep. That’s a tip I figured was worth sharing.

The jelly setting for the visualiser seems best, and musically old rock music like Queen and Starship seem to do the trick, though I’m sure some Chill Out stuff would do if you’re musically inclined that way. Your child my vary.

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Tip : Make time for yourselves

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Being a new parent sucks up time. Whether it be feeding, preparing for feeds, changing nappies, dealing with baby sick or any of the more enjoyable things like watching the baby bat a pair of plastic keys in a play gym, it eats your spare moments.

With working during the day and erratic sleeping patterns for you both at night, you may end up with brief windows to actually talk properly to your partner about something other than the quality of the baby’s last poo or how little sleep you got last night.

So one thing we’ve found useful is designating a particular “date night” where, no matter what, once baby is asleep we will make time to have some nice food, a long chat, a drink and be together.

It’s a simple thing, but nailing it to a specific night and saying “it will happen come what may”, is worth doing.

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White Noise : The Hairdryer Trick for Soothing Babies

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

There’s a certain stage a newborn baby gets to, where they’re obviously tired, but have worked themselves into a state and so can’t get settled.

One thing that’s consistently worked for me when my daughter gets to this mood, is to plug in a hairdryer and turn it on. You don’t want to point it at the baby, just have it on and in audible distance. It’s amazing the effect this can have on soothing her to sleep.

Other parents I know report similar effects from the vacuum cleaner and washing machine. You can apparently buy CDs of white noise and gizmos that generate special tones, but frankly if you have a hairdryer anyway, and it works, those seem a pointless extra spend. Though they do negate the risk of accidentally burning your house down by falling asleep yourself with a hairdryer running…

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