Three Key Things About Not Buying Baby Clothes

Posted by Matt

23rd May 2009

It's really tempting, and this is something I felt myself, to start buying clothes for the new baby a few months before he or she actually arrives. A few trips to Mothercare or Mamas & Papas and you will be tempted. Oh, but it's got a cute little dragon on it! Aww, but it has bear ears! Look, a slogan!


Tempting as the retail therapy is, these are credit crunch times so better to be a little savvy. Especially as the first key thing about baby clothes is the first batch are grown out of in about a month and a half... That ever so cute newborn sleep suit has a window of about that long to entertain you, the plain one is probably better values, put the spare cash in their college fund instead.

The second key thing is that because of this temptation, there are may parents with bags of baby clothes cluttering up their houses who just want rid of them. If you're of the age when friends are all starting to have kids, then chances are there'll be somebody you know about 3 months ahead wanting to offload some nearly-new clothes. Don't feel guilty about accepting such offers, as I guarantee you'll be doing the same in about, oh, about 3 months. Either that or you'll be Freecycling them.

The third key thing is that you always underestimate the generosity of relatives, friends, work colleagues and passing acquaintances. Everybody loves a new baby, and the number of people who "saw this and just had to buy it" is both touching and will land you with a surplus if you're not careful with your own clothes habit.

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