Books for New Dads that don't Suck : Part 1

Posted by Matt

14th July 2009

So, you've just discovered you're due to be a dad. Hurrah! It's great, if a little daunting, isn't it? Now if like me your instant reaction was, "I have no idea how this works, I know I'll get a book!" then you may be looking for a book for new dads.

Unfortunately there's a problem there, a lot of the info aimed at men isn't good.

I bemoaned this fact to my partner and she discovered and purchased a copy of Fatherhood: The Truth for me.

I was really pleasantly surprised by it. It's an honest, thoughtful and funny book about the ups, downs and highlights of fatherhood. What's nice about it is it isn't afraid to show the bad stuff, multifaceted worries and doubts. It's got a nice dry line in humour and a tone that suited me as a cynical optimist. Of course if you're a new dad, then chapter one is probably the most relevant, but you can read ahead to know what awaits you...

So that's my recommendation. What books helped you?

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